Art for The Mediterranean Towers

The Mediterranean Towers

Ganei Tikva

The house in Ganei Tikva is the newest, most innovative, and modern one among the assisted living facilities of the Mediterranean Towers chain and assisted living facilities in Israel. It is the only one in Israel specially designed for the lifestyle of the "next generation" of elderly people.

Professionals that wish to keep their independent lives at the same high level of quality and interest and at the same pace to which they are accustomed. Interior architect Gad Halperin, who has extensive experience in designing boutique hotels in Israel and around the world, is responsible for the meticulous interior design of the house, which gives a feeling of deep and clear breathing. Respectively, every detail in the house, from the quality of the door handles, the design of the pool and the inner park, the wood paneling in the foyer to the front of the house, was meticulously handled to create a dreamy experience. All this beauty is a fitting lining for the rich cultural content, combining classic and beloved content with contemporary content. The art we chose for this space was after a lengthy curatorial process. The pieces chosen are canvas prints framed in “floating” frames made of bleached natural wood. The hundreds of photographs that adorn the house walls are unique adaptations made in our studio for “light in the forest” themes meant to provide a calm and bright atmosphere that emphasizes growth, optimism, values, ​​and harmony while introducing elements from the outside to the inside.

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