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Tell Us More About the Company?

Home Gallery was founded in 2010 by Yariv Cohen, the previous CEO of the digital imaging division at Kodak Israel.

Since then, we have become the leading art supplier for hotels and big projects while holding true to our values of credibility, uncompromising quality, and service that always put the client’s needs first.

During our operation, we had the honor to serve dozens of industry-leading clients. We are proud that the thousands of paintings, framed prints, statues, and other art objects that we curated and created over the years are projecting beauty & inspiration on the projects we took part of.

What Is the Right Art for A Project?

The way we see it, art has to meet several criteria in order to be considered great:

First, the art should match the overall design, while kipping its uniqueness in a way that will increase the perceived brand value of the project.

Secondly, the art should accurately reflect the optimization of the relationships between the art budget, production costs and the required artistic level, and that is without compromising on quality. It takes a lot of experience to achieve the optimal results within a given budget.

Finally, the client should love the results. Each project is the client’s baby and that is something we should always remember.

What Is Your Philosophy?

First and foremost, we put our clients first. This is reflected in working closely with the design and management teams of the various projects.

Our goal is to understand the comprehensive client’s needs and to optimizely deliver an economic & beautiful art mix.

What are your vision and values?

We aspire to be the leading commercial art company in Europe and the Middle East.

We believe that in order to achieve that, we must always be available and attentive to the client and support him as much as needed until receiving the best results.

Also, once the artistic direction of the project has been chosen we must make sure that the products are of the highest quality possible, within the given budget, and that they will be supplied on time. Always on time. Always.