" If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change "

Wayne W. Dyer

Box Framing

When it comes to modern interior design, this frame is a favorite for interior designers and stylists as it is thin and elegant but still gives a dramatic effect to the art piece due to its depth.

Our frames are made of natural wood only and colored with high-quality oven painting. You can receive them in any color with a full, smooth cover or with one that highlights the texture of the wood.

The frames can come with or without passe-partout (the passe-partout itself can be printed, doubled, tripled, etc.), and the print can be attached to the inside of the frame or deep inside it (recommended).

Hovering Framing

This framing is suitable for when you want to highlight a print on a card, a diploma, a paper, papyrus, or even a “normal” photograph without a frame that will give the viewer a light and airy feeling.

In this type of framing, the print is located between two glass or Perspex boards, without any outside frame that delimits the print.

That is why this type of framing is more suitable for print with graphic characteristics, such as calligraphy, diplomas, maps, illustrations, drawings, and photographs of nature, and less for classic art and portraits.

Floating Framing

When you want to give the canvas painting and prints an airy and contemporary feel, floating framing is a great option. These frames mimic the look of art presented in galleries, where this type of framing is the preferred way to show art pieces.

With this kind of framing, the frame does not cover the print but surrounds it and gives the viewer a feeling the art “floats” within the frame, without touching it. This way, we get a complex visual sense and a feeling that increases the three-dimensional effect of the framing while highlighting the art itself to the maximum.

The floating frames can be made of wood or metal and come in various widths and lengths.

Classic Framing

For giving a luxurious and warm feeling, the classic framing is best for intensifying the painted or printed art that you want to highlight.


The frames come in a wide variety of materials, starting with high-quality plastic frames, through metal frames and finally, wood frames, with a wide variety of colors and finishes. For this type of framing, we recommend always using passe-partout. The colors of the frame and the passe-partout will be selected by our experts to optimally match the art.


Finally, you can choose between Perspex or glass glazing, which comes in different levels of quality, starting from regular glazing to museum-level glazing.