Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it."



Out of all arts, as Picasso said, “sculpting is the art of the intelligence,” since it allows to not only show the character (as in painting) but also its effect on the real space of our lives. While you can only look at a painting, a sculpture invites you to go around him and look at him for every side and aspect of it.

In this aspect, the effect the sculpture has on the space is dramatic, and we at Home Gallery think that this affect is of unparalleled importance.

Whether it is a wall sculpture or an environmental sculpture, and whether it is made of metal, marble, or wood, our experience ensures that the artistic sculptures of our home artists will contribute to your brand’s value and the beauty of the project immensely.


Combining ancient and modern techniques, our studio artists will produce spectacular stonework for you.

From building monuments, going through computerized masonry to Reliefs and engraving filled with colored pigments that are even suitable for floor art, there is no challenge that would be too big for us.

Creating amazing stone art requires a combination of imagination, talent, and deep knowledge of the types of stones, their origins, and their suitability for each environment, whether they are interior or external works.

Light sculptures

The development of modern technologies allows art to break through its familiar boundaries and use unconventional materials and advanced design and processing techniques.

Light sculptures are transparent and light-transmitting monuments with a unique light plan designed for each sculpture that fits the underlying idea behind it and emphasizes it.

The illumination in each of the sculptures is controlled by dozens of tiny computers hidden inside it. Each sculpture has its unique colors, and the movement of light differs from sculpture to sculpture by its direction, its course of development, and how fast it changes. These features of each sculpture are an integral part of it and express the concept of the piece.