"...Let there be light..."

"In nature, light creates the color. In the picture, color creates the light."

Hans Hofmann

Original Paintings

Home Gallery maintains contacts with hundreds of international painters and regularly examines them. We are also in constant contact with galleries, participate in art fairs and carry out ongoing monitoring of current trends in the painting world.

Matching original paintings to the project is a dual responsibility task: First, of course, we will always strive to produce high aesthetic value that will blend in with the overall interior design of the place. Second, we will strive to maximize the artistic value within a given budget so that the value of the work will be preserved and even increase over time.

Therefore, our original art curatorship service is committed to making the purchase process of original art not only an aesthetic source of pleasure but also a worthwhile investment.


This service gives an aesthetic experience and joy to the project while saving a significant amount of money.

Our reproductions are oil and acrylic paintings that draw inspiration for original painting without infringing the artists copyrights.

Our studio artists specialize in various art movements, so whether you choose a reproduction of abstract, realistic figurative, impressionist, or modern art – the result will be at a museum level.

We create all our reproductions with the best materials and without any compromise. This includes using colors produced by leading companies in Europe and The United States (i.e., Golden, Blick, Blockx, Old Holland, etc.) that are specifically suited for each painting and using the best quality natural canvas fabrics.


The age of digital photography has not only made photography the most popular hobby in the world but has also given us access us to a variety and abundance of billions of images in every subject imaginable. This advantage sometimes becomes a disadvantage since finding the most suitable photo and photographer for the project may resemble finding a needle in a haystack.

Here is where our experience at Home Gallery works in your favor. After years of scanning millions of images and completing dozens of projects, we have the knowledge and expertise to bring the best photos for the project – and at the right price!

Inside the ocean of outdoor photography, we have the fishing rods that will “catch” the best images for you. And all at the best prices and with tremendous savings in time and effort.