"In art, anything is possible"


Laser metal art

Laser cutting technology has opened new possibilities of creation for designers, architects, and artists. Our in-house metal craftsmen use laser cutting technology to create unique and spectacular art.

Laser cutting allows for very precise and reach with detail cuts to be made. This further allows imaginative planning and design. We create the drawing and the design using a computer. Then, the cutting is done using a focused laser beam, which cuts the metal without contact with a cutting tool, and therefore without friction or abrasion.

After cutting, the metal is sanded and then digitally painted and left to dry, thus achieving a decorative and modern work of art one cannot ignore.

Printing on tiles and stone

This artistic world can fill a designated website on its own, as it has so many powerful design options.

For interior art objects, we will use digital printing with special protective materials and methods that vary depending on the tile or stone type. Then, we will use ceramic printing that undergoes a unique process that involves baking the tiles and stones in an oven at 800 degrees Celsius for outdoor and pool art.

The range of such uses is broad: from a single image to complete wall coverings that make the space branded in a matchless way.

Digitally printed wallpapers

One no longer buy wallpapers for projects in a wallpaper store. instead, the preferred way is to digitally print it at an artistic level and a style created especially for the project!

We print all of our wallpapers on real wallpaper papers with various beautiful finishing options available with latex printing which is resistant to cleaning with water and has an artistic print quality.

This printing is Eco friendly, safe for bedrooms, and odor-free. The wallpaper itself is PVC-free and meets all health and fire safety EU standards (rating fire EN13501).